Intellectual Property Awareness Network

This is a unique, independent network of organisations and individuals committed to improving awareness and understanding of IP in the UK. Network members include varied commercial, financial, professional and academic organisations, all with a shared enthusiasm for IP and a passionate belief in its key role in the developing “knowledge” economy. The IPO is an observer rather than a legal member of IPAN.

The Network was formed in 1993 on the initiative of Dr John Reid, then President of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA), initially aiming to improve IP awareness particularly amongst parliamentarians and government policy makers and in the higher education sector. More recently, the finance and economics sector has been added as an IPAN priority. As a result, IPAN divides its work between three interest groups: Parliamentarians, Finance & Economics and Education.

IPAN is now incorporated in England as the Intellectual Property Awareness Network, a charitable, not for profit company limited by guarantee, reg. no. 7693250,  but continues to operate with minimal formality.

The current Chair is Professor Ruth Soetendorp and the vice-Chair is John Ogier.