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The IPAN Issue Briefs

The IPAN Issue Briefs provide an impartial primer to help basic understanding of important IP related issues and controversies and with external references for further reading or research.

The Briefs have been written by experts from the IPAN community and are designed to inform rather than influence particular views or arguments - IPAN is not a lobbying organisation representing any particular sector or viewpoint.

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1   - IP - why it matters

2   - Cheap imports and IP

3   - Can copyright survive the threat from the Internet?

4   - IP crime society is the loser

5   - EU Patent reform a "European" patent

6   - AIDS, Developing Countries and Pharmaceuticals

7   - Patents and software in Europe

8   - Genetic resources and traditional knowledge - the key IP issues

9   - Alternative financing and pension deficits

10  - Design and IP

11  - Importance of branding to the UK economy

12  - IP in Politics - the issues facing policy makers

13  - IP in Plant Breeding

14  - IP in Education

15  - Patents and the Environment - help or hindrance?

16  - Copyright, unlawful file sharing and digital rights management

17  - Look-alikes, copycats and parasitic trading

18  - IP and Lending activity

19  - Plain Packaging - good or bad?

20 - 3D Printing the future - IP implications

The IPAN Issue Briefs have been prepared or revised by the following individual experts, whose contribution to improving IP awareness is gratefully acknowledged:

Graham Barber, Duncan Curley, Chrissie Florczyk, Richard Gallafent, Julian Heathcote-Hobbins, Kelvin King, Eddy Leviten, Dids Macdonald, Penny Maplestone, Duncan Matthews, Dinusha Mendis, John Noble, John Ogier, Ruth Orchard, Peter Prowse, Tim Roberts, Steve Smith, Ruth Soetendorp, Alison Statham and Susie Winter.

The Issue Briefs are intended to provide starter background information about the topics - the references should be consulted for more extensive details.  Any views expressed are not necessarily held or supported by IPAN or any of its member organisations.