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IPAN Events

Wednesday 16 March: 4.00 pm at CIPA, London

 “IP Research and Economic Policy” with Pippa Hall  - Chief Economist at the Intellectual Property Office

This topic is very relevant  both for IPAN and the Government’s economic policy.  As an organisation IPAN has been developing the “thought leadership” required for the recognition of IP as not just a legal right, but also as a business asset and a key component for economic growth.  This is exemplified by our current publication in the WIPO magazine: “Intellectual property, finance and economic development”. 

Research into the application of IP to the economy has been expanding and we look forward to being informed of progress in this area by the Government’s specialist for IP and the economy

Please contact Gary McFly ipan@cipa.org.uk as soon as possible if you would like to attend either of these meetings - priority will be given to IPAN members
Tuesday 26 April: 4.00 - 6.00 pm, Terrace Pavilion, Palace of Westminster

 IPAN's 2016 World Intellectual Property Day Celebrations

IPAN's reputation for hosting WIPD events that excel in terms of quality of speakers, networking opportunity and refreshment is well known.  This year will be no exception as we anticipate our return to the Palace of Westminster.

IPAN's WIPD theme is 'IP in the Fast Lane' embracing F1, digital and other fast moving technologies, together with the impact on the economy of IP as it helps drive growth